Party Time Princesses

girls world

If you’d like something different for a children’s birthday party, then look no further than our new Mini Makeover Parties.  Perfect for ages six to ten and suitable for up to six children we’ll give you a hair majesty time to remember.

We’ll give your little ones the chance to try out some amazing hair creations “Girl’s World”style on our practice heads, and all of your party guests will get there own fab hair and make up!

If you’d be interested in one of our amazing Mini Makeovers then call us on 01482 701691 or message us on



Hooray for Hullywood

Hair Majesty recently went all red carpet when we were invited to re-create one of the silver screens most iconic hairstyles for an amazing photographic project for Hull’s City of Culture.  Local Photographer Quentin Budworth is recreating famous scenes from movie history with a twist!  Instead of the sets and back lots of tinsel town, these recreations are all set against the backdrop of Hull itself.

When Freddie Garland got in touch with Quentin about recreating a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s her favorite childhood film, there was only one hairdresser for the job.  With her amazing knowledge of classic hairstyles and visual quality, our very own Sarah was the only ever lady for the job.  Quentin settled on 1884 Dock Street Kitchen on Dock Street in Hull as a location and created some gorgeous images of Freddie as Audrey Hepburn playing Holly Golightly.

You can view the images Quentin has taken so far, and offer yourself as a model to re-create your favorite film at


Thank you to Quentin Budworth for his amazing photos